What is Surface Labs?

Surface Labs provides commercial- and industrial-grade paint, varnish, epoxy, lacquer, enamel, latex, shellac, polyester, urethane, acrylic coating and marine finish removers. Surface Labs products are specifically formulated to remove single- and multi-layer coatings from metal, wood and concrete surfaces and are available in varying viscosities to ensure the perfect application for every job.

Efficient Paint Removal

Our formulations, rigorous testing and experience in quality-controlled manufacturing processes help to ensure that our products meet or exceed applicable industry regulations, customer expectations and quality standards. Our products are exclusively manufactured in the USA with stringent oversight by both our top-level management teams and government regulatory agencies. These high standards help us achieve our goal of providing our customers with unrivaled service and the most effective industrial-grade paint- and coating-removal products on the market.

Service-Based Science

Surface Labs’ proprietary products and corresponding application techniques provide advanced performance for many heavy industries, including aerospace & aviation, oil & gas and original equipment manufacturers (OEM), commercial construction, and major defense contractors.